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Jasmine Broken Rice (Phka Malis)


Name:   Jasmine Broken Rice (Phka Malis)
Code:   SM11



A wet season crop, it is an extra-long grain, with strong natural aroma, soft texture and chewy.
Cambodian Jasmine Rice has won the prestigious ‘World’s Best Rice’ three years in a row: 2012, 2013 and 2014.  


ITEMS                                                                                            SPECIFICATION


Long Grain Class (>7mm)                                                   : Min 40.00 PCT

Short Grain Class (<6.2mm)                                                : Max 10.00 PCT

Whole Kernels​                                                                     : Min 60.00 PCT

Broken                                                                                 : Max 5.00 PCT

Chalky Kernels                                                                    : Max 5.00 PCT

Yellow Kernels                                                                     : Max 0.50 PCT

Glutinous Kernels                                                                : Max 0.40 PCT

Red and undermilled Kernels                                              : Max 0.50 PCT

Damaged Kernels                                                                : Max 0.30 PCT

Underdevelop Immautre Kernels                                         : Max 0.10 PCT

Purity                                                                                    : Min 85.00 PCT

Moisture                                                                                : Max 14.00 PCT

Milling Degree                                                                       : Well Milled and Double Polished Sortexed

A dry season crop, it is similar to jasmine rice, with a good aroma, soft texture, and pleasing appearance